Zircon and Its Uses

zircon, semi precious gemstone

Zircon sand is found on the surface of beach sands of coastal stretches of countries like India, Australia and Sri Lanka. These minerals are of great importance in the industrial applications. With high durability and resistance to heat and corrosion, Zircon proves to be a very reliable and useful element

Zircon is a semi precious gemstone which is used as a replacement for diamonds. Its resemblance to diamond makes it hugely popular among women. However, Zircon is also used in industrial purposes. Zircon can be found in its lunar rock form in the deep sea. Due to the continuous erosion it is washed out on the beach sand. Over a period of years these minerals settle on the surface of the beach. The sand is mined and transported to the heavy mineral mining plants. After a series of separation processes the zircon elements mixed in sand can be isolated and used in various industrial applications.

It also has additional features such as resistance to heat and corrosion and radioactive reactions that makes it very durable and trustworthy heavy mineral. It’s also non toxic in nature hence causes no harm to the health of people working with it or to the environment. The resistance to heat makes it useful in applications in making heat resistant linings for furnaces, giant ladles for molten metal, and foundry moulds.

It is also used in cosmetics, antiperspirants, food packaging and fake gems as well. It is a fundamental element in the making of ultra strong ceramics. You can find Zircon even in everyday items such as knives and scissors. Because it is so durable and biocompatible it is also used in dental ceramics.

Zircon can also be used in refractory materials like glass because of its high refractive index. It’s also used in making superconductive magnets. Many more usages of zircon include surgical appliances, photoflash bulbs, explosive primers, colour in colour television tubes and the making of microwave filters.

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining of Zircon is V.V. Mineral. They also undertake Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining.


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