What is Rutile?

rutileRutile is a titanium oxide mineral, commonly found in granites and metamorphic rocks. It’s also found as placer deposits on beach sands that are washed off from deep seas. It is reddish brown in colour and has a metallic luster. It is the most abundantly form of titanium dioxide.

It is used as coating for welding electrodes and to make titanium, which is lightweight yet has high strength. It is used in aeronautical applications for aircrafts and also in ships and defence industry.

It has brittle tenacity and a distinct cleavage.

Rutile is also used in ceramics and has a superior weather resistant nature which allows it to be useful in outdoor applications or where long term benefits are required.

Illmenite and zircon are by products of Rutile. Ilmenite is used as a lower-grade feedstock in pigment manufacture while zircon is used in the global ceramics industry.

Major production of Rutile is carried out in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Rajasthan.


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