What Do Grades Signify In Illmemite

IlmeniteIlmenite is a heavy mineral that is found mostly in the beach sands of coastal regions of India such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Gulf of Mannar is particularly known for its ilmenite reserves and resources. Heavy minerals in India were discovered in the state of Travancore by a German chemist named Schomberg. One of the major manufacturer and exporter of Ilmenite is the Tamil Nadu, VV Mineral.

VV Minerals, India is the country’s first private company to export Ilmenite. We are India’s largest Garnet and ilmenite exporters. Our annual output of 2,25,000 metric tons of Ilmenite is unmatched till date.

Grading and sizing plays an important role in the usage of minerals, Proper separation and sieving plays a vital role. This mineral usually forms thick, tabular crystals; sometimes it forms rhombohedra crystals. Twinning is common. Other habits are lamellar, massive, compact, and granular. It is black or brownish black, with a black to brownish red streak. It is opaque. Ilmenite has a luster ranging from metallic to dull.

The grades of ilmenite are decided also according to their Iron content. Since ilmenite is an ore of titanium, the iron content plays a major role in the grading system of ilmenite.


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