What Do Grades Signify In Zircon

Zircon Zircon Sand is a natural mineral and is mined in the Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu.  Zircon sand is widely used in industrial purposes. It can be found in its lunar rock  form in the deep sea. Due to the continuous wave action it is washed out on the sea shores or river beds. Over a period of years these minerals settle on the  surface of the beach in the form of placer minerals. After a series of separation  processes such as gravity separation or magnetic separation the zircon minerals  mixed in sand can be isolated and used in various industrial applications.

 Zirconium is available primarily in two common grades – 702 and 705.  Zirconium 702 is a commercially pure grade and has excellent corrosion  protection with resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion.  This alloy is used for various types of chemical processing. Zirconium 705 is an  alloyed grade with the addition of Niobium. While still offering excellent corrosion resistance, Zircon 705 offers higher strength capability.

Zircon with higher purity is used for the ceramic industry whereas lower purity finds its way to refractory industry such as making glass.

One of the leaders in the heavy mineral mining industry is V.V. Mineral. We manufacture heavy minerals such as Garnet, Zircon, Ilmenite and Rutile. They indulge in mining activities of Rutile, Ilmenite and Garnet as well.


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