Inspections At Heavy Mineral Manufacturers In Tamil Nadu

Garnet MiningAlthough it is always perceived as an illegitimate business, the heavy mineral mining industry is in fact a much regulated industry. There are several permissions and clearances that need to be fulfilled at the District, State and Central level. These processes are time consuming and compulsory.

There are statutory Authorities like the District Collector; Commissioner of Geology & Mining in the State Level  and the IBM & AERB in the Central level for inspection of the Mines regularly, to whom half- yearly and Annual returns are being submitted.

The Royalty payments vis-à-vis the transport permits are being audited annually by the Dy. Director of Geology & Mining and local Revenue Officials.

Likewise the Processing Units are being inspected by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board Officials; TN Electricity Board Officials and the AERB Officials, to whom the annual returns are being submitted. In response to the review of returns corrections are effected in the registers & records.

One of the premier companies in India that is recognized for its mining manufacture and heavy minerals in India is VV Minerals India. They are known to comply with all the permissions and regulations by the State authorities.

They are primarily recognized for the Garnet mining and export as they are the largest exporters in the industry. They are also the first private company to export ilmenite.


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