The Nuclear Gold Present In The Sand Is Simply Put Back On Sea Shores

VV Mineral MiningSpeculations of VV Mineral illegally mining Thorium have been existent for several years now. Thorium being a radioactive in nature makes it more valuable and dangerous mineral, for which the government does give permissions to private companies like VV Minerals, India.

The area that VV Minerals conducts mining is rich with thorium contents. But the company does not have machinery which is advanced enough to separate thorium. Their separation plants are only equivalent to separating garnet, zircon and titanium ores like rutile and ilmenite.

According to the AERB, if a private company is mining on nuclear sand which contains less than 5% thorium in the form of tailings, it has to be disposed by mixing silica particles in them. And that’s what the company does.

If the content is higher than 5%, the nuclear sand has to be stored in a secure area with silica particles over it, for a particular duration till the time it comes back to a lower level, so as to not harm anyone.

The processes are simple and transparent. It is highly unlikely that such a thing as thorium scam is possible in such a strict and regulated industry. VV Minerals has been active in this industry for two decades now. The owner Mr. S. Vaikundarajan has been under speculations for a lot of times. Nevertheless, he has been given a green card by the central government.

The other eminent members of the management in VV Minerals also include, Mr. J Muthurajan, Mr. V. Subramanian, and Mr. Jegatheesan.


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