The Story Of Balakrishna, The Technical Manager At VV Minerals, India

VV Minerals, TechWe had the opportunity to meet the technical manager of VV Minerals, India. He is one of the oldest employees at the company, with 23 years of experience in heavy mineral mining. The time he joined the organization, it was quite small and had less than 100 employees. He has been a witness to the dramatic change in the number of employees and the development of this sector in India. He proudly states, “Now I am the technical manager and not less than 1500 employees are working under me.”

He is one of those employees who has seen the company grow to great heights and then crumble because of the false allegations made on the company for illegal mining. “I used to liaise with more than 1000 vendors, who supply various materials required by VVM and I have noticed a pale of gloom surrounding their faces too due to the current scenario”, he says.

The heavy mineral mining industry is at a standstill in Tamil Nadu and this is affecting about 50,000 people directly or indirectly. The greatest hit is at VV Mineral, a private heavy mineral mining company owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan who was at the leading position in the entire nation until they were framed for illegal beach mining. Although the allegations are proven false, the government is still not given a word on uplifting the ban.


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