Life Stories At VV Mineral: CA Chitra Raguram, Finance Manager

ProtectionA chartered accountant by profession, Mrs. Chitra Raguram is the head of the finance department of VV group of companies owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan for the last three years. I had the opportunity to interact with her some days ago while I was in Tamil Nadu at the VV Minerals premises. Being a woman she is proud that VV Minerals is one of those companies that aren’t gender biased.

She feels, “Most women retire from work just after giving birth to kids. The main reason for this premature retirement can be attributed to the family demands or the lack of support as most of the men at home hesitate to share the burden of women. The major question before every working woman is who will take care of my kids’?”

According to her VV Minerals is the best company for her in Tamil Nadu as a woman because they have a fully equipped crèche that takes care of her kids. Even school going kids who arrive before the office shuts down have facilities to stay there till their mothers are free after work.

She explains with deep gratitude, “Success in business is not only making money, it is much more than that and I have experienced this after seeing the generosity of the promoters of  VV Mineral”.

The owner of the company is Mr. S. Vaikundarajan who is said to have revolutionized the heavy mineral mining industry in Tamil Nadu as well as the entire country in the last ten years.


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