Challenges In The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry, Vaikundarajan Subramanian Explains The Current Trends Of The Industry

VV Mineral, VaikundarajanThe MD of VV Minerals, Mr. Vaikundarajan Subramanian spoke in a recent article in the Bureaucracy Today magazine about the current trends of the heavy mineral mining industry. In the report, claiming that since the natural resources are the least exploited assets in the country, India is losing potential opportunities of achieving growth in the global natural resource outputs.

He stated that India has a huge reserve, one of the largest for minerals like ilmenite, however, a very miniscule portion of this is actually converted into national profits. 278 million tons of titanium dioxide reserves out of the total 460 million tons lie in India.

In the snapshot of the article below it is explained very clearly what are the shortcomings of the Indian heavy mineral mining business and what needs to be implemented in order to improve the current situation.


S. Vaikundarajan Practices Fair Trade, Not Involved In Bootleg Scam Of 96K Crore

96k CroreHeavy mineral mining in India is carried out extensively along the coast of Tamil Nadu as it is highly blessed with the gift of such minerals. Apparently, Tamil Nadu is the highest exporter of these minerals and the highest contributor to the state is a private company VV Minerals. Of late false accusations were being made on VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan regarding a bootleg mining scam of 96K crore. However, being one of the biggest companies and having won so many awards in this sector VV Minerals is present in this industry for over two decades now practising trade by all fair means, which has also been manifested by the government.

The heavy mineral mining business is a great opportunity for India to help it develop in the mining sector. It also provides great aide to the financial system as exports are involved. VV Minerals is doing just the same and that too strictly abiding by the rules and regulations of the government. S. Vaikundarajan, who is the man behind VV Minerals, is a great strategist and has got his business all the way to the place where it is today by following all the ethics and regulations of the industry and not by illegal means.

The Scanner Over VV Minerals Owned By S. Vaikundarajan Is Wavered

VV Mineral, VaikundarajanVaikundarajan‘s loyalists believe that business rivals have come up with such allegations in order to sabotage the well running business of VV Minerals. A retired IAS officer Mr. V Sundaram, appointed by Mr. Dayadevadas, the owner of a rival company was exposed in a sting operation which revealed that this whole situation was a pre planned event.

VV Minerals, India was doing highly well in the industry while the company owned by Mr. Dayadevadas was shut down due to illegal activity detected in his company premises. This led him to form a team of 6 people and frame VV Mineral in the scam.

He took help of two retired IAS officers, namely V Sundaram and Devasagayam and produced a false document stating VV Minerals was involved in illegal beach mining. Whereas, the company owned by Mr. Dayadevadas was shut down for stealing 39 lakh metric tons of sand from Tamil Nadu. The others involved in the conspiracy were Victor Rajamanikam and Ashish Kumar.

The Leader Of VV Mineral Group – S. Vaikundarajan

VV MineralS. Vaikundarajan, the man behind VV Minerals, India can be called one of the most humble personalities alive.  Even after VV Minerals reaching such great heights, he believes nothing really has changed for him. It is because of his upbringing and childhood that he has learnt to value things. S. Vaikundarajan has always been business minded as he observed his father running their rice business. He also learnt from his father that a business only succeeds if it is run with certain ethics and strict principles. Even though VV Mineral is into heavy mineral mining he still follows these principles and ethics. Another principle that he follows is the well being of society along with his individual well being. These ultimately became the guiding principles of  VV Mineral mining.

S. Vaikundarajan is quite a workaholic and handles the administration, legal, PR and Liaising for VV Minerals, India. He is a man who remembers his staff by their names. S. Vaikundarajan is just brilliant when it comes to laws pertaining to the heavy mineral mining industry. Even his critics admit to the fact that he has all these laws and acts at the tip of his fingers. He does not fail to update his knowledge about the industry despite of his hectic schedule.