The Leader Of VV Mineral Group – S. Vaikundarajan

VV MineralS. Vaikundarajan, the man behind VV Minerals, India can be called one of the most humble personalities alive.  Even after VV Minerals reaching such great heights, he believes nothing really has changed for him. It is because of his upbringing and childhood that he has learnt to value things. S. Vaikundarajan has always been business minded as he observed his father running their rice business. He also learnt from his father that a business only succeeds if it is run with certain ethics and strict principles. Even though VV Mineral is into heavy mineral mining he still follows these principles and ethics. Another principle that he follows is the well being of society along with his individual well being. These ultimately became the guiding principles of  VV Mineral mining.

S. Vaikundarajan is quite a workaholic and handles the administration, legal, PR and Liaising for VV Minerals, India. He is a man who remembers his staff by their names. S. Vaikundarajan is just brilliant when it comes to laws pertaining to the heavy mineral mining industry. Even his critics admit to the fact that he has all these laws and acts at the tip of his fingers. He does not fail to update his knowledge about the industry despite of his hectic schedule.


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