Supreme Court Clears All Charges Against VV Minerals In The Illegal Beach Mining Case

VV Mineral MiningTamil Nadu based Human Rights Protection Centre (HRPC) had filed a case against a private beach mining company VV Mineral in the Supreme court accusing them of carrying out illegal beach mining and a thorium scam in the three districts of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. This also led to the government putting a ban on the company’s activities for a while until the charges against them were cleared.  However, when the government’s team had been conducted inspections in Tuticorin district they found no evidence to support any such accusation on VV Mineral or S Vaikundarajan. The team visited about 10 villages in three districts; the team also met the collector, SP and other officials of Tuticorin district during its visit but ultimately found nothing in order to charge VV Minerals of any wrong doings.

VV Minerals is into this beach mineral mining business over two decades now and knows how this industry works. S. Vaikundarajan would never get into a scam and illegally conduct his business activities. He has a name in the society and he lives up to it. That is the reason why people regard so highly of him and trust him. He has proved his honesty and resumed business after the Supreme Court cleared all charges leveled against him.


VV Mineral Not Responsible For Nuclear Gold Being Sent Out With Impunity From Tamil Nadu



VV Minerals, privately owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan  which was allegedly involved in thorium and illegal sand mining has been given the green chit from central government and proven innocent. To find out more, please watch the presentation.

Mr. V. Subramaniam, MD Of VV Minerals States That Illmenite Has Been Overlooked In Our Country

Illmenite MiningIn a recent news article on Daily Pioneer, Mr. V. Subramanian explained how India is one of those countries that have no idea how much their natural resources are worth.   In explaining this fact he considers the beach mineral ilmenite which is found in abundance along the Indian coast. According to AMDER India has about 348 million tonnes of ilmenite. This amount is equivalent to 24.85% of the global reserves. However, India presently contributes only about 6% of the world’s ilmenite production.

The Government of India and the people fail to understand the value of ilmenite which is used in making of TiO2. Titanium Dioxide is used in various applications in industries such as paints and coatings, plastics, paper, ink, fiber and many others.

VV Mineral is one of the premier companies that deal with ilmenite mining. This private company based in Tamil Nadu and owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan, is the first private company in India to export ilmenite to foreign markets.

Challenges like heavy export duties levied by Ministry of Finance deter them to carry out such mining activities. The only hope is that the newly elected BJP government will understand the challenges the industry faces and rectify the processes in order to make profits.

Heavy Mineral Mining Needs A New Industrial Policy: MEAI Suggests Government

VV MineralThe heavy mineral mining industry in Kolkata needs a new industrial policy that makes sure that development and mining are given preference in regions where mineral bearing sand is present whether it is owned by government, privately or occupied by villagers.

The government of Tamil Nadu has also banned heavy mineral mining in the state about a year ago due to some false allegations of thorium scam. Although the investigations are over and verdicts are out the ban still prevails.

It was stated in some news reports that Mr. Vaikundarajan who owns VV Minerals in Thoothukudi was quarrying through all the beaches of Thoothukudi, Thirunelveli and Kanniyakumari districts and shipping off the mineral rich sands via the international port of Thoothukudi.

But after the investigations were conducted, it was concluded that the minerals that VV Mineral mined were not radioactive and the quantity of the minerals mined did not exceed the approved limits.


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The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry In AP Urges For Support From Government For Growth

VV Mineral MiningThe heavy mineral mining industry in India currently faces tough challenges due to delays in sanctions of the mandatory authorization from the government authorities. Therefore they have collectively sought to ask the government for support in reviving the industry to improve economic benefits and create employment opportunities for the local people of the state.

The professional mining agency MEAI has suggested that there is plenty of scope for using the resources found in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh appropriately and set up new industries.

Heavy minerals such as ilmenite, zircon, rutile and garnet are abundantly found on the coastal belt of southern India. These minerals are used in paints, paper, ceramics, abrasive, insulation, cosmetics, leather, glass, artificial gems, aircraft parts, ceramics, filtration media and artificial human joints.

One of the leading heavy mineral mining companies in India, VV Minerals, is based in Tamil Nadu and deals with zircon mining, ilmenite mining, rutile mining and garnet mining. It is a family owned business by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. The major cause for the poor growth of this industry can be attributed to unreasonable delay in getting permissions and making mineral rich land available to the industry which is otherwise illegally occupied by villagers.

They also sought exemption of 10 per cent export duty in view of the huge drop in demand for mining products.


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