Heavy Mineral Mining Needs A New Industrial Policy: MEAI Suggests Government

VV MineralThe heavy mineral mining industry in Kolkata needs a new industrial policy that makes sure that development and mining are given preference in regions where mineral bearing sand is present whether it is owned by government, privately or occupied by villagers.

The government of Tamil Nadu has also banned heavy mineral mining in the state about a year ago due to some false allegations of thorium scam. Although the investigations are over and verdicts are out the ban still prevails.

It was stated in some news reports that Mr. Vaikundarajan who owns VV Minerals in Thoothukudi was quarrying through all the beaches of Thoothukudi, Thirunelveli and Kanniyakumari districts and shipping off the mineral rich sands via the international port of Thoothukudi.

But after the investigations were conducted, it was concluded that the minerals that VV Mineral mined were not radioactive and the quantity of the minerals mined did not exceed the approved limits.


For More Details Follow The Link Of:  Economic Times


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