Vaikundrajan’s Office Raid Brings Out The Real Truth About VV Minerals And Thorium Scam

VV MineralVV Minerals is into beach mineral mining industry for over two decades and are one of the highest exporters of such minerals. Recently, they were accused of a thorium scandal worth 96K crore which lead to the government putting a ban on the company’s activities following which there was a probe into the matter. The investigations also led to the CBI raiding Vaikundarajan’s office premises for further proof against them. However, surprisingly there was no proof found which would lead CBI to establish the fact that VV Minerals had committed any scam.

Soon the case was closed by the Supreme Court as they delivered the right judgment and clearing off all charges levied against them. The heavy mineral mining business is a great opportunity for India to help it develop in the mining sector. It also provides great aide to the financial system as exports are involved. VV Minerals is doing just the same and that too strictly abiding by the rules and regulations of the government. This was also revealed in the CBI report as after they conducted the raid they found all the documents and paperwork which showed that VV Minerals carries out its business lawfully.


Thorium Scam By VV Minerals Is False News


News about a thorium scam has been doing the rounds these days and VV minerals being accused of it. However, after an investigation into the matter it was proved that VV Minerals and company owner S. Vaikundarajan is not guilty and this case has been unnecessarily hyped.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Savior To The Environment, Not Involved In Illegal Beach Mining

VV Mineral MiningVV Minerals has been conducting beach mining on the coast of Tamil Nadu for over two decades now and accounts to be one of the highest exporters of heavy minerals from South India. This not only fosters the industrial trade and contributes largely to the economy but also, helps in maintaining a balance in the environment. The heavy mineral mining by VV Mineral results in removing the minerals from the surface which further results in radiation reduction. Mining activities by VV Minerals help in keeping a check on the radiation levels.

If VV Mineral were not carrying out their mining activities then it would have been really difficult to build houses on those lands. S. Vaikundarajan, who always values the environment, believes in a sustainable development plan for his company, VV Mineral and therefore, is also always cautious about maintaining the ecological balance. Mining activities by VV Minerals involve physical separation and no chemical process is carried out which furthermore justifies that it does not cause any harm to the environment.