VV Mineral Mining Observed Environmental Consciousness

VV Mineral MiningVV Mineral is a heavy mineral mining company that was established in the year 1989. It’s based in Tamil Nadu. They manufacture heavy mineral products from beach sands such as Zircon, Rutile and Illmenite and Garnet.

VV Mineral, Mining conducts their operations in an eco friendly manner. To make sure they cause no harm to any individual or environment around the mining areas, they perform environment protection actions such as water conservation, power generation, afforestation.

Therefore, along with increasing the economical benefits of our country by export of valuable minerals, V.V. Minerals, India also restores the areas surrounding Tisayanvilai and other locations of Tamil Nadu with environmental remuneration.

The areas that they mine on, although it is not owned but leased from the Government, are restored with green vegetation, to make the land fertile and increase the prosperity of greenery. The places from where they manually extract the mineral sand from are reinstated with just silica particles so that there is not depreciation of land on beach areas.

They participate in initiatives that are held for conservation of natural renewable energy. For example, VV Mineral uses sea water concentration plants to save fresh water. Also, they make use of wind as a renewable energy to generate power through wind turbines.


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