VV Minerals India, Never A Part Of The Thorium Scam

VV Mineral MiningWhen the Thorium Scam broke out, many firms were raided, this included VV Mineral. Their sand quarries along the beaches of Vembar, Vaipar and Periyasamipuram were thought to be involved in large scale illegal heavy mineral mining. Unsurprisingly, no such evidence of any illegal activity was found to be conducted by VV Mineral. Unfortunately, other companies did carry out illegal beach mining activities. For now, these companies have been imposed fines and notified to the corrective authorities in Tamil Nadu.

The company is not able to separate thorium from monazite, a rare earth ore found in the area, as it doesn’t possess the technology. This has been verified by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). VV Mineral is only involved in the export of garnet and ilmenite to 20 countries, including Australia and the US.

Heavy minerals are also very important for other industries as a range of daily domestic and vital industrial products would just not exist without it. On an average day you would have come across at least 100 such items manufactured from industrial minerals.

VV Mineral, Mining is currently managed by Mr. Vaikundarajan and his family members such as his son, Mr. V. Subramanian and brother Mr. S. Jegatheesan. The firm is an exporter for minerals like garnet, ilmenite, rutile, and zircon.


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