VV Minerals Electrifying Windmills In Tisayanvilai

VV Mineral-Mining-Wind-Mills

VV Mineral has in the last few months’ undertaken sustainable development efforts so as to protect the environment and save Mother Nature for years to come. One such initiative is the use of wind mills.

Wind turbines make use of kinetic energy to generate electricity. These machines are primarily of two types — vertical axis and horizontal axis. Wind turbines can be used to generate large amounts of electricity in wind farms. As such, VV Mineral’s have been using windmills to generate electricity.

In Tamil Nadu, VV Minerals India own 13 windmills which are located in Thenkasi and Radhapuram. Through these windmills, nearly 9 megawatt of power electricity is produced, where the power is supplied from consumption to TNEB grid.

Aside from finding cleaner and more efficient ways of generating electricity, the company is also a water conscious company. VV Mineral does not use fresh water in mining process and does not use chemicals in its concentration plants.

VV Mineral Mining , is the largest garnet exported in the country, as well as the first private company to export ilmenite. It is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan. Other eminent members involved in the top management of the company include Mr. J Muthurajan and Mr. V Subramanian, both holding the Managing Directors chair. The company basically deals with zircon mining, rutile mining, garnet mining and ilmenite mining.


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