VV Minerals Not Involved In Illegal Beach Sand Mining In TN

VV-Minerals-IndiaThese accusations by Shivani Chaturvedi are baseless and require further scrutiny as to its purpose. As per the letter, VV Mineral has been conducting illegal mining and is unduly favoured by the government. It goes on to state that the company has looted the state.

Rivals claim that VV Mineral has been favoured by government authorities. They say that the company receives mining lease within 72 days, while they have to wait for permission. These accusations even call Mr Vaikundarajan, the owner of VV Minerals as the head of the sand mafia, who is running the show.

All of this is a lie.

It is true that the company has been working for more than two decades in Tamil Nadu, but that only proves its ethical business practices and smart economical policies. As for getting leases within 72 days, is that we have a good team that provides timely documents to government authorities.

These accusation lead to a FIR charged against the company and its members. However, the probe revealed that VV Mineral was not guilty of any illegal activity and all charges made against them turned out to be false.


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