VV Mineral Falsely Accused Of Illegal Beach Mineral Mining

Illegal-Beach-MiningNew claims in the illegal sand beach mining allegation games; AAP joins in with a propaganda post proposing an illegal and underhanded connection between the governmental and political parties of Tamil Nadu. Claiming that the opportune and capitalist ideologies of the politicians have lead to the widespread corruption in Tamil Nadu.

In a propaganda post by AAP, VVMinerals has been falsely accused of large scale illegal beach mineral mining, on their website.

The post is based on the allegations made by Tuticorin collector, Mr. Ashish Kumar. He claims that during his raid on August 6, 2013, he discovered that V.V. Minerals had encroached 30 hectares of Government land. However, he holds no proof for this.

The raid report reads that around 2,30,000 metric tonnes of minerals were mined illegally by V.V. Mineral.

Owing to the severity of his allegations, Mr. Ashish Kumar was transferred immediately after he conducted raids on the sand quarry of V.V. Minerals in August 2013.

In the meantime, the State Government suspended the mining activities of VV Minerals India and has ordered an enquiry into the alleged illegal mining headed by Revenue Secretary Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi in August 2013.

The report which was stipulated to be submitted within a month to the State Government has not come out in public yet. Thus, VV Minerals continues its stance of being innocent until proven guilty.

Amid this confusion, claims are also being made about the involvement of the AIADMK and DMK governments in issuing false licences to the mining companies of the area.

The question that now remains is the one that will lay blame on either party for the alleged illegal sand beach mining on the coasts of Tuticorin.


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