VV Minerals Has Not Been Mining Illegally, No Matter Who Says What: VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

A district collector from Tuticorin was fast to raise a voice against VV Minerals India when he was refused access to an area that was off limits to anyone who is not from the mining company. In addition to that the officer was also not carrying a valid search warrant to support his intentions. And now he claims that the company is indulging in illegal heavy mineral mining? Vaikundarajan says, “This is absurd.”


Tamil Nadu’s Whistleblowers Have Joined Hands With Our Rivals: VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV MineralVV Mineral Vaikundarajan says that Tamil Nadu’s whistleblowers have now joined hands with a few corrupt government officials and the rivals that have started this whole mud-slinging downslide.  VV Mineral has been mining in Tamil Nadu for over two decades and those left behind are beginning to itch.

Vaikundrajan’s VV Mineral India has been mining rare and heavy minerals in the state of Tamil Nadu since 2 decades. They expanded their business further and have remained strong forerunners in India.

They have even expanded their operations to Kanyakumari and Andhra Pradesh. It is obvious that a giant like this especially in a field like mining cannot grow without the appropriate support from local as well as state governments.

Thus, VV Mimeral has continually ensured that all their paperwork is in place and licences are continually issued and renewed as and when necessary.

However, owing to their experience, expanse and quality of produce, very few have been able to step into the mining industry and reign supreme like VV Mineral.

Thus, many of VV Mienral India jealous rivals have fabricated a large scam around their work to pull them down from their forerunner position.

Other than the AERB officials and some of the port trust authorities now even whistleblowers seem to have joined the bandwagon and are threatening us with new numbers and claims that have never been mentioned before.

Vaikundarajan hopes that he and his company could come clean and strong out of this jealous mess.

VV Mineral to Expand Via Their Srikakulam Based Transworld Garnet


VV Mineral has been working with minerals and exporting the best quality minerals to many countries. They have bought over the Transworld Garnet which is based out of the Srikakulam district and is a garnet exporter.

VV Mineral is glad about having taken over Transworld Garnet since it adds to the bouquet of our export and mining centres in Tamil Nadu, says Vaikundarajan, Chairman, VV Minerals.

Transworld Garnet was originally under the management held by WGI Heavy Minerals Inc which is a Canada-based mining company.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Go I has declared VV Mineral a forerunner among 6 other mining corporations in Tamil Nadu.

Transworld Garnet now as part of VV Minerals will be adding value over and above the existing export volume of 10.8 million tonnes of Ilmenite per year.

VV Mineral exports heavy minerals across the globe with a focus on Western Europe and Middle East. They manage to substantiate this volume of export via their 18 mini mineral processing centres spread across Tamil Nadu.

Managing Director and Group Chairman S.Vaikundarajan says, “Approximately 30% of total Ilmenite reserves are found in India.”

“What is even more interesting, 44% of India’s garnet reserves are in Andhra Pradesh and 90 percent of them are found in Srikakulam district,” he concludes.

“We Are Not Monopolising The Mining Industry, Just Forerunning It”, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan


S Vaikundarajan has been accused of being in cohorts with S Jayalalitha for the alleged illegal sand beach mining along the coasts of Tamil Nadu. However, the chairman of the over decade old sand mining company claims otherwise. He says that VV Mineral is just a forerunner the sand beach mining industry in Tamil Nadu not a monopoly.