VV Mineral’s Supposed Sand Mining Baron Vaikundarajan Has No Ties With Any Political Parties

SVaikundarajan,  VV MineralS.Vaikundarajan, the owner of sand mineral firm VV Mineral India has no links with any political party or muscle whatsoever. Established back in 1989, the organisation has seen gradual growth into becoming a well known producer and exporter of minerals like garnet, ilmenite, rutile and zircon.

VV Mineral mines sands off of beaches on coasts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari. The organisation has tremendous knowledge of global trade practices. Over the years, VV Minerals has been conferred with countless awards in the export business.

Owing to the role played by a few mining companies, the heavy mineral mining industry in Tamil Nadu is languishing. When the scandal broke out, VV Mineral was also linked to this heinous thorium scam. So much so, the company was also accused of collaborating with political parties to get a sweeter deal. But as investigators found out, all of these claims were baseless and false.

VV Mineral is a family owned business and other eminent members of the management committee include, S Jegatheesan, J Muthurajan and V Subramanian.


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