VV Minerals India Falsely Accused Of Illegal Beach Mining


VV Mineral India’s Vaikundarajan who lived a peaceful life away from the media glare was recently given a rude shock with false allegations of illegal heavy mineral mining along the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Even though his rivals are making use of the fact that very little is know about this man, he is confident he will come out clean from this jealous mess.

VV Minerals India being blamed of illegal beach mining is as big a shock to those associated with the company as it is for its down-to-earth owner, S Vaikundarajan.

Vaikundarajan makes a fair point when he states the fact that there is no reason for VV Minerals India to indulge in illegal heavy mineral mining since they have always been on top of the game.

VV Minerals saw humble beginnings but grew from strength to strength over the past few years and have taken efforts to keep it that way.

Vaikundarajan also rubbished the reports regarding beach erosion citing natural causes. VV Minerals has also provided well for people falling under their mining areas.

VV Minerals has built schools, colleges and hospitals around the areas where they have worked and ensured the betterment of the dwellers.

VV Minerals’ involvement in illegal beach mining is at best speculative and an effort in marring their pristine reputation of twenty years in the mining industry.

VV Minerals has never had a reason to resort to illegal heavy mineral mining since when they started out there was no one to compete with or against.


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