VV Minerals Was Built On The Efforts Of One Man Who Would Never Take Political Support

VV MineralVV Minerals India is a mining company that leads the mining industry of Tamil Nadu. They are one of the highest exporters of best quality ilmenite, sillimanite, rutile, zircon and garnet. The company is over 20 years old and was started by S Vaikundarajan, a simple down-to-earth man who believes in honest business.

VV Minerals India was built on the efforts of S Vaikundarajan who started the company in 1989 with no help even from his family

VV Minerals has won numerous awards from the State and Central Governments as well as from authority committees in the mining industry

VV Minerals was the first ever company to receive a commercial mining license in India and thus they continue to be the forerunners of the mining industry in Tamil Nadu

When they started the mining business they had no rivals at all. Slowly with time and change in government policies VV Minerals has earned business rivals

S Vaikundarajan suspects that these fairly new mining companies are looking for an easy way out to getting ahead in business

Thus, in a desperate attempt to surpass VV Minerals the company rivals have plotted the alleged illegal beach mining scam and are now suggesting political involvement

However, S Vaikundarajan remains strong through all of it and is confident that may it be being held responsible for the alleged scam, the coast erosion of the political connections; each of these false accusations will be cleared and the VVM name will be clean once again.


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