VV Mineral Believes India Is In Dire Needs Of Intervention In Mining Related Policies

VV Mineral

The heavy mineral industry is still in its nascent stages in India and thus the forerunning mining export company, VV Mineral believes that policy intervention is the only way to give a positive push to the heavy mining industry in India.

VV Minerals India is a company that has been forerunning the mining export operations in India in a commercial capacity.

They have been working towards making the industry a more acceptable and at the same time a flourishing one.

VV Mineral mines and exports, necessary heavy minerals such as rutile, zircon, illimenite and garnet. They were the first ever company to receive a license for commercial mining the late 1980’s.

VV Mineral is of the strong opinion that there is a demand and supply mismatch for heavy minerals. We are home to almost 25-28% of the entire reserves of heavy minerals in the world.

Yet, we do not tap into these resources as much as other countries with a much lesser concentration of heavy minerals.

Sand mining for heavy minerals is one of the must sustainable forms of mining as only 20% of the total sand collected is reared and extracted. The remainder 80% is back filled on the beaches and river banks.

The lack of sufficient policies and power are causing several setbacks such as

  • Delay in approval of mining concessions
  • Delay in mining plan approvals
  • Delay in CRZ clearances
  • Delay in Environmental clearances

The laws that currently exist to protect the coastal processing units do not take into the account the needs and demands of the heavy mineral mining industry.

The government does not offer any substantial export incentives to the heavy mineral mining sector and has a highly restrictive import policy.

The VV Minerals believes that an exhaustive policy intervention will be for the greater good of the Indian economy as well as the heavy mineral mining industry.

For more information click the Link of Indian Express article.


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