VV Minerals India – A Success Story Overshadowed By False Allegations

VV Mineral Mining

VV Minerals India has been in the mining industry for over two decades. In last few years, the company and its founder S. Vaikundarajan have been in the limelight for wrong reasons.

Accusations concerning illegal mining of minerals ilmenite and garnet costing 96000 crores have surfaced recently. There is, however, no evidence to substantiate these accusations.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan, who has been vocal about the issue, deemed these as baseless accusations and a ploy by rival mining industry to hamper the brand reputation.

Amidst the speculation surrounding political influence on the matter, Vaikundarajan stands firm on his innocence and extends full support to the investigating committee.

IAS officer Ashwin Kumar faced transfer orders when he unethically accused VV Mineral Vaikundarajan of illegal mining through media. Additionally, V Sundaram, an ex IAS officer is known to have sent a detailed letter to state authorities concerning the mining issues. All of these allegations, however, stand untested.

Vaikundarajan runs his company out of Tisayanvilai, a town located 65km from Tiruelveli city in south Tamil Nadu. Local people know Mr. Vaikundarajan as a simple man who wears a simple garb of white shirt and dhoti.

VV Mineral, founded in 1989, is the first private company to get a license to mine minerals and export them. It is the first company to export ilmenite, zircon, garnet and rutile. It has also won national awards for its contribution to export business.

While sand mining in coastal areas has been banned by The National Green Tribunal, the involvement of Vaikundrajan in illegal mining stills stands acquitted.


The Alleged Illegal Mineral Mining Is Just A Term Until Proven Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV MineralsVV Mineral Vaikundarajan was recently brought under the scanner for an alleged illegal mineral mining scam. They have been faced with various other allegations and S Vaikundarajan is not one to take it sitting down.

S Vaikundarajan is a man of his word and an extremely down-to-earth gentleman with no relations to any political parties or politicians.

When such a man builds a company from scratch and to top it off also maintains the position of an industry forerunner for twenty long years, rivals are bound to be made.

In VV Minerals case, the rivals have gone ahead and embroiled the market leading company in an alleged heavy mineral mining scam that finds very little representation on paper or in proof.

Other than being accused of illegal heavy mineral mining, VV Mineral has also been accused of causing beach erosion and having made it to the top with express help from the state’s politicians.

However, S Vaikundarajan was prompt in his response and duly filed a petition questioning the claims and has requested a complete re-evaluation of the matter at hand.

A Vaikundarajan in a bid to save his baby, VV Minerals has brought to fore several loopholes in the laws around mining in our country that can highly benefit from mining and exports.

Having questioned the matter and receiving a ruling in favour of his petition has once again put VV Minerals India and S Vaikundarajan in the forefront of the matter.

S Vaikundarajan is confident that he and VV Mineral will come out clean from this mess.

VV Minerals Finally Emerges A Winner From the Alleged Throium Scam Mess


VV Minerals India which had deftly filed a complaint against erring authorities is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As per a recent ruling by the High Court of Tamil Nadu, VV Mineral along with another mining company has been acquitted of charges and has additionally ruled a renewed probe in favour of the mining companies.