The Alleged Illegal Mineral Mining Is Just A Term Until Proven Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV MineralsVV Mineral Vaikundarajan was recently brought under the scanner for an alleged illegal mineral mining scam. They have been faced with various other allegations and S Vaikundarajan is not one to take it sitting down.

S Vaikundarajan is a man of his word and an extremely down-to-earth gentleman with no relations to any political parties or politicians.

When such a man builds a company from scratch and to top it off also maintains the position of an industry forerunner for twenty long years, rivals are bound to be made.

In VV Minerals case, the rivals have gone ahead and embroiled the market leading company in an alleged heavy mineral mining scam that finds very little representation on paper or in proof.

Other than being accused of illegal heavy mineral mining, VV Mineral has also been accused of causing beach erosion and having made it to the top with express help from the state’s politicians.

However, S Vaikundarajan was prompt in his response and duly filed a petition questioning the claims and has requested a complete re-evaluation of the matter at hand.

A Vaikundarajan in a bid to save his baby, VV Minerals has brought to fore several loopholes in the laws around mining in our country that can highly benefit from mining and exports.

Having questioned the matter and receiving a ruling in favour of his petition has once again put VV Minerals India and S Vaikundarajan in the forefront of the matter.

S Vaikundarajan is confident that he and VV Mineral will come out clean from this mess.


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