Allegations Against VV Mineral Mining Are Misleading And Vindictive


The ecology, marine life and coastal community has been affected by years of illegal sand mining activities on the beaches of Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin, Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari districts.

Much of this has been pointed at S Vaikundarajan and his beach mining company VV Mineral Mining . However, there has been no evidence supporting this allegation.

V Sundaram, former IAS officer claimed in his letter to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu that the large scale illicit mining of rare precious minerals has caused a loss of 96000 crores to the government.

The letter also accuses the state’s departments of favoring VV Minerals and passing the mining leases within merely 72 days as other companies continue to wait.

VV Minerals was founded in late 1980s and has become a leading enterprise under the leadership on S Vaikundarajan. The founder maintains that the company has always operated within legal boundaries and rubbished all the claims made by Sundaram. He further calls these allegations as a ploy by the competitors to harm the company’s reputation.

Following these allegations, the government has banned mining operations in Tuticorin district and set up an investigating committee to look into the matter. The government had ordered sand mining ban from 9 August onwards to ensure smooth conduct of investigation.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan has expressed his confidence in the committee and affirmed that the results will be in favor of the company.


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