VV Minerals India Disregards The Illegal Beach Mining Claims And Demands Proof

No Proof - VV Minerals IndiaA letter written by the first District Collector of un-bifurcated Tirunelveli, Mr V Sundaram, to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu in January 2013 about the beach mining activities in Tamil Nadu has surfaced again. In the letter, Mr. V Sundaram has alleged that illegal mining of rare precious minerals in the coastal districts of Tuticorin, Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari have caused a loss of Rs 96,120 crore to the government.

The letter accuses that M/s VV Minerals and their sister concerns owned by Mr Vaikundarajan has been looting rare precious minerals. Mr Sundaram, a retired bureaucrat, said an RTI response shows that VV Minerals India enjoyed 100 per cent monopoly in Ilmenite mining and also had a giant share for exploiting Garnet, both export favourites.

VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan clarified in a statement, “There is no solid proof for justifying Mr. V Sundaram’s allegations. My office premises were raided and yet they did not get any evidence. People are making baseless allegations just to spoil the name of VV Minerals. Moreover, as far as the market of VV Minerals is concerned, we are the number one exporters of Ilmenite and Garnet due to our fair practices and we take pride in it. ”

Despite writing letters and complaining about the loot, the Tamil Nadu government has failed to take any action as they have no substantiation.

Mr. Sundaram’s letter lacks facts and has been dramatized by calling the business a “sand mafia” and alleging that Mr Vaikundarajan is “running the show”.

Finally, an organized inspection has begun by special teams led by Revenue Secretary Gagandeep Singh Bedi and  has promised his full support to the teams.


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