Thorium Scam Allegations On VV Mineral Are Unsubstantiated

Thorium Scam-VV MineralRecent reports have suggested that thorium has been depleting from the coast of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, world’s largest reserve of thorium. Rumors that thorium has been illegally exported along with sand has been doing the rounds. However, no evidence has been put forth to affirm the same.

Subramanian Swamy, Chairman ACACI (Action Committee against Corruption in India), said in an interview “All sorts of private companies are operating in these areas. After the Indo-US nuclear deal, the government seems to have forgotten about building our indigenous thorium technologies.”

The highest stakeholder of the mining business in these areas has been unjustly targeted and linked to the illegal mining. Chamiman and founder of VV Minerals India, addressed these allegations, “We have established a mineral separation plant and approached the AERB for a license, which is awaited. On the other hand, there are players in the industry who don’t even bother about the regulations but have escaped such allegations owing to their political contacts.”

He further states that VV Mineral has always been mining under state regulations and concerned departments have been careless to release baseless statements in public.

VV Minerals is known for extracting and exporting garnet and ilmenite to over 20 countries. It has won several national awards for its contribution to the export business of the country.


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