VV Mineral Is Not a Part Of Thorium Scam. No Evidence To Prove This

As per some reports, the thorium deposit on the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala have seen depletion over the last few years. The two states are well-known for being world’s largest reserves of Thorium.

The reason for this depletion has been cited as one of the biggest illegal beach mining scam by some companies. However, evidence confirming the same are missing from the scene.

Chairman of ACACI (Action Committee Against Corruption in India), Subramanian Swamy, stated in an interview, “All sorts of private companies are operating in these areas. After the Indo-US nuclear deal, the government seems to have forgotten about building our indigenous thorium technologies.”

Former Atomic Energy Research Bureau (AERB), Dr A. Gopalkrishnan added, “Thorium is indeed central to any of the Bhabha plans which the government may not be very serious about right now.”

One company finds itself in the midst of the scam. VV Minerals India has been accused of illegal beach sand mining. Being the highest stakeholder of mining business in these two states, it is not surprising that the company is being targeted.


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