AAP’s Allegations Against Jayalalitha and Vaikundarajan Is Just A Distraction Strategy

When the elections were around the corner in the state of Tamil Nadu, old allegations resurfaced to target an innocent man. The rumour surrounding S Vaikudarajan, founder of sand beach mining company VV Minerals, was circulated stating that Jayalalitha had invested her black money in the company.

Despite these unethical attempts, Jayalalitha emerged victorious in 2016 Tamil Nadu elections. However, allegations surround VV Minerals continue to hamper the company’s reputations. Being one of the largest sand mining companies in India, it is easy to link the company to a scam. S Vaikundarajan points that it is impossible for one company to pull off a scam of such extent.

Some theories suggest that Jayalalitha has secretly helped Vaikundarajan dodge all the controversies surrounding VV Minerals. Political party AAP claims to have traced a financial link between the two. It should be noted that these allegations are coming just before the elections. Obviously, this seems like a plan to mislead voters. The party further alleged that Jayalalitha is involved in the illegal beach mining going on in Tamil Nadu. Connecting VV Minerals to this scam seems easy as the company has been operating in the state for over two decades. It is also known to be the largest producer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite.

The state government has set up an investigation team but no evidence has been found to deem the company guilty.


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