VV Minerals Has Operated Within Legal Boundaries, Says Vaikundarajan

National Award winning company VV Minerals has been in operation for over two decades under the leadership of its founder, S Vaikundarajan. The company is the largest producer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite in India. However, all these achievements and milestones have been overshadowed by allegations of illegal beach mining against the company.

Ashish Kumar, former district collector of Tuticorin, carried an unsuccessful raid on one of the warehouses of VV Minerals. Following this incident, Kumar was transferred to an undisclosed location. Vaikundarajan was immediately accused of his political influence to forward the transfer. However, it should be noted that Kumar’s previous assignment lasted only 45 days.

Thorium scam has been much talked about in the industry. The company is accused of amassing several wealth by illegally exporting Thorium. The company advocate cleared up the controversy by stating that the industry lack technology to separate Monazite from Ilmenite. The company has also appealed the government to permit setting up of a plant for separating Monazite and Thorium from Ilmenite.

The government has allowed a certain amount of Thorium content in the sand. VV Minerals assured that this amount has never been exceeded. “The company has operated within legal boundaries for over two decades. The allegation is a ploy by the competitors to hamper our reputation,” said Vaikundarajan.



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