AAP’s Attacking Jayalalitha & VVM Is An Election Gimmick

It is no surprise that false allegations are thrown around to gain mileage for the upcoming elections. Just before the elections in the state of Tamil Nadu, old allegations have surfaced with a new twist. It is being said that Jayalalitha has invested her black money in a company owned by S Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India, a sand beach mining company.

The opposition party has shown sign of desperation by pointing fingers at Jayalalitha who is expected to be the winner of 2016 Tamil Nadu elections. VV Minerals and S Vaikundarajan are the favourite talk of the town for the people of Tamil Nadu. It might have seemed easy to link them and fool the common man. But the assumption itself seems preposterous in the first place.

The allegations also suggest that Jayalalitha has been secretly assisting Vaikundarajan in the illegal sand beach mining controversy surrounding VV Minerals. Apparently, the financial links between Vaikundarajan and Jayalalitha have been traced by the Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party. Such revelations surfacing just before the elections indicate a lot about the nature of information being given to the common man. AAP has further alleged that Jayalalitha is also involved in the illegal beach mining in the state of Tamil Nadu.

VV Minerals is the largest beach-mining company in India. It specialises in the mining, production and export of Garnet and Ilmenite. The company is booming under the leadership of the young Managing Director, S Vaikundarajan.


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