VV Mineral is a leading private mining company in India. Their products comprise mainly of four minerals, i.e. Zircon, Garnet, Rutile and Illmenite. Garnet is the most sold mineral. VV Mineral is proud to state that it is India’s largest Garnet manufacturer. Their mining activities are based in the Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu. This area is a highly valuable as it has continuous deposition of minerals. These minerals have high potential to reach global mineral needs because of their abundance on the beach sands of Tamil Nadu.

VV mineral ensures that all their heavy mineral mining activities are eco friendly. They constantly check their efforts to restore the areas of mining. The sand is extracted from a specified area, allotted by Government of India to VV Mineral. It is then taken to the mining plant. After which it goes through a series of processes to separate the minerals from the sand. The sand is thrown back as by product of the whole process. The waste sand particles are then transported back to the place from where they were taken, after which is thrown back in the areas where mining is already covered. This way there is no deterioration of sand belts along the coast lines of mining areas.

The managing Director, Mr. J Muthurajan, insists on activities for the employees in order to keep them satisfied in the company and their work. A lot of training programs are conducted for the employees all year round, like team building exercises, recreational tours, motivational and behavioral training. They also have workshops on fire safety and first aid.

VV Minerals has attained large market share in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA. They are determined to rise above their number two position in global ranking. With improved mechanism and high grade analysis of each product, VV Mineral has been putting in their best efforts to keep improving and rising ahead. This combined with the employee betterment programs and community service, VV Minerals aims to achieve perfect balance and come up as the best heavy mineral mining company in the world.


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